vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

Hangman’s Chair – Hope Dope Rope

Hangman’s Chair – Hope Dope Rope 
Bones Brigade Records – 2012 
Rock, Stoner, Doom, Sludge, Metal 
Rated: **** 

Hangman’s Chair started after Es La Guerilla disbanded in 2005 and the four French freaks have now delivered their third full-sized studio album under the new moniker. With the ever so cheery title Hope Dope Rope we are once again treated to a heavy mixture of doom, sludge and metal. The melodic guitar parts are the only lifting elements on the entire record that carries a suffocating atmosphere. For the most part it is a steady melancholic march towards the inevitable cliff. Extremely tight riffs and beats on repeat till the exact right moment. Vocals that sound weary, aggressive, clean, desperate and hopeless. Their musical craftsmanship overly apparent and their ability to invoke a certain state of mind and feeling is simply impressive. The new Hangman’s Chair is something all must undergo; but be sure to first burn every chair in the house and lock away all those ropes laying around… 

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