donderdag 16 augustus 2012

Satellite Beaver – The Last Bow

Satellite Beaver – The Last Bow
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Grunge, Doom
Rated: ***

The stoner scene in Poland has been blossoming the past years and the second release by Satellite Beaver is yet another proof of the righteousness of it all. The Last Bow EP goes straight to the core of all that is heavy, the four tracks walls over you like a booze fueled steamroller. With a huge, fat and massive sound they crash into mountains and blast them from within. Nineties alternative rock and metal are combined with stoner and a heavy fuzzed out sound creating layer upon layers of skull crushing head banging madness. Adding fleeting moments of sludge, doom and hard rock all of the songs are strong in their own right. The only sad thin is the fact that it is over in a heartbeat. This is one hell of an appetizer!

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