woensdag 29 augustus 2012

Gniyrg Gnaarg – The Acolytes Feel Sleepy

Gniyrg Gnaarg – The Acolytes Feel Sleepy
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Doom, Metal
Rated: ****

Some of you might know these three Helsinki freaks from their From Mother Sun EP from 2010. Well, Gniyrg Gnaarg, the trio comprised of two Fins and a Spaniard is back with a second effort called The Acolytes Feel Sleepy. A twisted tale of ancient haiku toting monks, giant slugs and cheerful prophets. A post rock and metal influenced doom EP that also borrows some stoner elements, grunge and psychedelica. Dark and malignant tunes reminiscent of Sabbath one moment and a lighter version of Sleep the next. But always referring to those early days of the slow genre and always evoking a mystical air. Three songs droning on for about twenty minutes with excellent chiming drums and a high haunting voice. And where their first EP suffered a bit from the bleak compositions; this one rings on and on and enchants like a twisted Zen legend…

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