vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Maeth – Horse Funeral

Maeth – Horse Funeral 
Self released – 2012 
Rock, Psychedelica, Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Progressive 
Rated: ***** 

I suspect the four guys from Maeth to have stakes in a glue factory here or there; with an EP named Horse Funeral?! Ho ho ho! Sorry, early morning here and a big fight with the missus. But let’s not dwell on the crap and get right down to the good stuff: their music. Heavy psychedelic stuff that makes your head weave and float as if you had just munched on few Hawaiians. Their mostly instrumental sound uses heavy riffs and intricate guitar solo’s and layers to make your drift and bop on a seemingly endless current of high psychedelic waves. And ofcourse the excellent surf has to crash into the rocks now and again. And it does that with feverous fury and with a definite feel for dramatics and surprise. After which you find yourself on a deserted island full of insect noises and languid breezing guitar sounds. There’s that tribalistic Hawaiian quality again. But that too ofcourse; cannot last forever. All in all, the mystical journey these guys take you on is extremely impressive; and that was a definite understatement! 

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  1. It used to be or still is for free on their bandcamp page. But is being downloaded like a freakstorm! Cause this is sheer brilliance!!!


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