donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Mojo Waves – Introducing Mojo Waves

Mojo Waves – Introducing Mojo Waves
Self released – 2012
Rock, Free, Garage, Psychedelica, Seventies
Rated: ****

The drums start off with this crazy and hazy ringing and then the guitar starts thundering over it like a mad stampede until it slows down to a groovy drag and the singer explodes like a high energy, high pitched crazy Jack White creature shrieking and howling at the moon. Introducing Mojo Waves is the first three song EP from the Finnish trio logically called Mojo Waves. The guys had been playing together in various projects for about three years before the Mojo Waves were officially formed in 2011. And this is clearly audible; the unpredictable and slightly insane qualities are offset by four instruments that know how to work together and merge into one wicked psychedelic river of condensed noise. This is some impressive stuff. Ultimate free rock: fun, entertaining and a bit weird. And that’s just how we like it!

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