donderdag 23 augustus 2012

Denizen – Whispering Wild Stories

Denizen – Whispering Wild Stories
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Core
Rated: ***

First off; I’m loving the title of this record: Whispering Wild Stories. Aah yes, this longs for something furiously epic. And the four French dudes of Denizen start off frantic and profound! With a heavy punk attitude they scream through their songs with a relentless fierceness. They seem to be experts in combining aggressive hardcore riffs with a seventies groove and a stoner atmosphere. The onslaught of riffs is impressive to say the least and the bass traversing underneath even more. But the pace never slackens and the rampage seems to go on and on with a vocalist on a mission to obliterate even the last bit of your eardrums. And then we get to the Cream cover Sunshine Of Your Love; which seems to bring out the best in everyone present. The singer become a bit more melodic; the riff obviously slows down a bit and the drummer gets mighty viscose. Which leads to the conclusion that Whispering Wild Stories is one king hell of a one trick aggressive pony ride; but the real gem is the cover version. But that doesn’t necessarily harm this third release by the furious French…

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