dinsdag 24 maart 2015

Black Rainbows – Hawkdope

Black Rainbows – Hawkdope
Heavy Psych Sounds – 2015
Heavy Psychedelic Rock
Rated: *****

The Holy Rainbows EP released in 2013 was my first inkling of the Black Rainbows infectious brand of riffs, melodies, fuzz and just sheer grooviness. Seeing them last year at Desertfest blew me away so I eagerly awaited this new album. And yeah, Hawkdope is brilliant. Tired of ten minute prog rock tracks passed of as Doom/Stoner songs? Well plug into these Italian guys vision of rock. Tight, taut songs that hit you between the eyes are order of the day here, served up with catchy-as -fuck choruses, world weary vocals and scorched earth solos that never overstay their welcome. Heavy, groovy, unstoppable with hints of space rock expansiveness combined with driving Stoner song structures to make each track sound like a classic cut on the first hearing. Hints of fuzz electric blues are scattered throughout with searing effect and yes, it does make me want to drive faster with my arm hanging out of the window, music blaring from the speakers on the way to some humdrum place of work, having my soul lifted by this potential masterpiece.

(Written by Tony)

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