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Worldwide Premiere - High Noon Kahuna – Shark Tooth



Worldwide Premiere - High Noon Kahuna

Shark Tooth

We were extremely honored to bring you the premiere for their third single and video Sand Storm back in January and we are equally honored and excited to do so for their newest video Shark Tooth! We’ve been raving about this band ever since they released their amazing Killing Spree album and you can bet your ass we will continue to do so! My very cool next door neighbors are also fan now, and not just because they were indoctrinated by hearing Killing Spree at high volume through the walls on a daily basis… No, they actually came around to ask what damn fine stuff I was listening to… To which I exclaimed with great relish: High Noon Kahuna!! Go check out Shark Tooth! And then the rest of their amazing Killing Spree Album! 

About the video: "Shark Tooth is an instrumental song from Killing Spree with no specific messaging. We thought it would go well with some savage B-Grade shark murder scenes."

High Noon Kahuna is a trio of veteran heavy music musicians based in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. region of Frederick, Maryland. With Tim Otis on guitar (Admiral Browning / Akris), Brian Goad on Drums (Internal Void / The Larrys), and Paul Cogle on Bass and Vocals (Akris / Black Blizzard). 

These three cats have been acquainted for many years and, throughout their accord, have consistently supported each other in all their various bands. At the onset of 2022, this crew found themselves with the fortunate opportunity to jam.

And jam, they absolutely did! When like-minded musicians converge, something mystical happens. By bringing years of influence and admiration for all musical genres, High Noon Kahuna has created an unusual style that disobeys the rule of music categorization. Drawing on influences from Surf, Noise, Punk, Western, Shoegaze, Black Metal, and Doom, it's hard to confine the diversity into a specific box at any given moment.

On Killing Spree, released November 18th of 2022, the band fuses a collective sound from noisy and fuzzy to clean and sparkly, with every gleam in between...






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