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Nebula Ripples



Nebula Ripples

Ripple Music Releases Compilation Album To Benefit Medical Treatment of NEBULA Bassist Tom Davies.

Recently, Tom was diagnosed with Leukemia and is now fighting the disease with all his strength. Although NEBULA had not previously recorded with Ripple Music, everyone in the stoner rock scene knows of their powerful music. When Todd Severin, CEO of Ripple Music, heard of Tom's fight ahead, he reached out, wanting to do anything Ripple could do to support him, and the result is this compilation.

Todd asked Tom which Ripple bands he loved playing with, and his response forms the basis of this compilation. To top it off, Tom contributed one of his own unreleased tracks to kick the compilation into gear, which features lead guitar work from Joe Hoare of ORANGE GOBLIN.  Also included is a special sneak preview track from the upcoming album by KIND.

All proceeds from this album will be donated directly to Tom to help him fight his battle against cancer.

In Tom's words, "Back in January I ended up in the ER with kidney stones which was followed by viral pneumonia and Bell’s Palsy and eventually led to me being diagnosed with a rare form of high risk Acute Myeloid Leukemia. As it’s a very complex form, I’ve had one round of intense chemotherapy so far and am facing many more treatments and hospital visits for the fight of my life.  On a positive note, my spirit is strong and has been strengthened by the overwhelming and incredible outpouring of support from the community."

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    Anaesthesia Amnesia - Tom Davies
    Cosmic Ark - Mos Generator
    Buffalo Chips - Yawning Man
    What Are They Trying to Sell - DoctoR DooM
    Into the Shredder - Ape Machine
    Drifting off to Storybook Deth - Fatso Jetson
    Frequencies - Steak
    Fat Rats - Roadsaw
    Favorite One - KIND
    The Song's at the Bottom of the Bottle - Wino

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