dinsdag 11 april 2023

Ded Elk – Conquistador



Ded Elk – Conquistador
Self released – 2023
Rock, Stoner, Grunge, Alternative
Rated: ***

A self-proclaimed two-piece grunge, stoner, desert, shoegaze and alternative rock duo from Basel, Switzerland called Ded Elk is about to release their debut full-sized album called Conquistador! And on it they produce some extremely tasty rock music that definitely moves towards nineties alternative, but even more towards robot rock and high-spirited stoner pop. And all of it is extremely infectious and highly danceable. And as you listen to the album you will realize they must and most surely share a love for the Palm Desert gang, the Rancho de La Luna crew and all the bands in that gigantic family tree. For often you are reminded of one of those songs; because it feels like Ded Elk took a riff, a rhythm, or just a small snippet from one of their songs and ran with it. Developing that one pretty little ditty into a whole new song. I wonder if they are crediting every song in the liner-notes? No One Knows! Cause some you will recognize instantly, others you will be milling around in your head, gnawing away on your synapses, trying to make the title pop up in your mind. Masters of Reality anyone? Queens of The Stone Age everyone! Deep In The Hole, Walking On The Sidewalks and many more will pass by. But Ded Elk do manage to build their own context around those snippets and make it all sound frisky and full of spring. Not everyone could pull this off, but Ded Elk manages to conquer this musical territory with a certain swagger and sass and come out victorious!   

(Written by JK)





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