vrijdag 7 april 2023

Tines – Bloodsucker


Tines – Bloodsucker

It went live on Doomed And Stoned just some forty eight hours ago and popped up on The Obelisk, the damn fine cover version of Deep Purple’s Bloodsucker by Buffalo, New York Five-Piece Tines. Spine tingling and feverish! It's all happening man! Get on point with Tines!

"Buffalo, NY doomy-prog outfit Tines will release a ripping cover of Deep Purple's "Bloodsucker," (available for pre-order now) featuring guest drummer Andy Patterson (ex Subrosa) on April 7, 2023. The cover is their first post Covid release since their debut 7” single (Thin Blue Line b/w Rock and Roll Witness Protection Program) in Spring 2020.

Tines' take on the 1970 hard rock album cut was almost 30 years in the making. In 1994, Tines' guitarist and flag-bearer Glenn Szymanski was at a basement show featuring Revelation Records artist Sensefield, with a band called State of the Nation as the opening act. Impressed by their political message and pro Native American activism, he offered them his apartment floor to crash on that night.

More than 25 years go by, Tines submits their 7" to the Blynd Submyshynz podcast. In January of 2021, that episode airs with special guest...wait for it...Andy Patterson, former drummer for State of the Nation, who had since achieved prominence with bands such as Subrosa, Insect Ark and as producer/engineer at his own Boar’s Nest recording studio. Glenn recognized Andy and the two reconnected on Facebook. Andy had recorded a drum track that didn’t end up getting used for Bow to Your Masters Volume 2, a Glory or Death Records tribute album. Patterson and Szymanski arranged to use the drum track with Tines completing the other parts of the song with bassist Mike Hermann, keyboardist Arrow Fitzgibbon, and vocalist Kelly Murphy.

This is something of a time warped version of "Bloodsucker," given that Tines have made heavy use of analog synthesizers and a touch of clavinet that weren’t used by Jon Lord until the more funky Mark III era of Deep Purple. Tines are currently writing new music for a full length and plan to release a video that has been stuck in editing limbo for the last year in May 2023. They’ve played Maryland Doomfest and Descendants of Crom Festival in Pittsburgh and look forward to getting back on the live circuit in the near future."




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