zaterdag 1 april 2023

The Answer – Sundowners



The Answer – Sundowners
Golden Robot – 2023
Rock, Hard
Rated: ***

Vindication! They’re back and ready to raise a little hell! Something they neglected to do on their last two albums, Solas and Raise A Little Hell. In fact, we feared those albums might have spelled the end of those hard rocking crazies from Northern Ireland called The Answer. Both did little to lift the spirit, get the blood flowing or rock hard. So, that might have been part of the reason that it took seven years until the cronies surrounding vocalist Cormac Neeson and the singer himself were ready to release Sundowners. And what a release it is! Opening title track while immediately capture your imagination, and the entire track, will feel like a gigantic build up to what is to come. And that anticipation is immediately full filled with second track Blood Brothers. A hardrock, garage stomper that’s got a majestic swagger about it. This will surely make you parade like a bull fighter on whatever dirty street you might find yourself after the sun goes down. The Answer still pays homage to all that good and honest rock from the seventies, the blues inspired hard rock and everything that came from that golden age. This time though they infuse some more garage on some of the tracks, some more soul and this vintage feeling that will surely make you feel all bronze all over. Indeed, Sundowners sports so much kick and delight, there is no way you will not feel good and giddy listening to this. Then why only them three stars you think? It’s alright to feel good and giddy, it’s great, it’s almost gospel. But we, we still miss a bit of that early grit, that raw and powerful stuff The Answer used to have. And we know, a band that welcomes change and reinvents themselves is something we should applaud. But perhaps just a tiny bit more grit next time? And perhaps no ballad as end song? Either way, we hope there will be more in the future and are thrilled to have The Answer back!

(Written by JK)




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