donderdag 6 april 2023

Lord Velvet – Night Terrors


 Lord Velvet – Night Terrors

There’s a full moon out, the perfect time for some Night Terrors! The debut single by Denver, Colorado quartet Lord Velvet! Released in the middle of February, its the lead single for their soon to be released EP Astral Lady and it is deliriously fuzzy, trippy and freakishly good. Shimmering proto metal gold, combined with heady stoner rocking riffs, free rock freak outs, a frosty touch of doom; and a vocalist that hits your feels in all the right spots… Lord Velvet, soft to the touch but rocking o’ so hard!

Explorers to the gates of the astral plane,
Lord Velvet awoke upon the Denver scene with cosmic riffs bearing the weight of the Rockies with every wretched beat, drawing upon the influences of the awakened before us to send humanity into the next age of electric religion.

Taylor Webb (Vocals), Scoot Scott (Guitar) Matt Funk (Bass), and Mike Barnes (Drums) formed
Lord Velvet in 2022. They are guided by the past greats like Sir Lord Baltimore, Pagan Alter, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster, Mountain, and others but add doom and psych elements to bring a whole new take on the genre.  In February of 2023, they released their first single, "Night Terrors" off of their debut EP "Astral Lady" which is expected to be released mid-2023.





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