zaterdag 1 april 2023

Deer Lord - Witches Brew/Psychedelic Roadkill



Deer Lord - Witches Brew/Psychedelic Roadkill
Self released – 2022
Rock, Stoner, Doom, Psych, Acid, Metal
Rated: ****

And here we are, on April 1st, 2023. And there is no mistake, no joke or tomfoolery at play here, we are mentioning this two track single from trio Deer Lord that they released in October 2022. Multiple reasons for this, in fact at least four, and we could of course also just mention their awesome Dark Matter Pt.1 album, which they put out in January 2023, and which was featured as a Friday Freebie post for the Doom Charts as well as the Number 10 spot of the February Doom Charts. And Dark Matter Pt.1 deserves every bit of recognition and more. Six psychedelic doom ‘n roll tracks that do a lot of motoring, stoner trucking and give you that sweet, salty and sour taste that every sip of the electric kool-aid will give. And well, opening that album, are the two tracks on this single. So, why highlight that single and not the entire album you ask? Well, cause these good ol’ boys gave us a handful of codes for that two track single to hand out to you all. And Witches Brew is without any doubt the perfect opener for the single and album, with its haunting and ominous beginning sounds, the dark and twisted atmosphere, the bubbling, the rising vapors, those vocals doing the doom incantations and the slow proto approach to it all. And then, just past the half way mark, the start to speed up, add some boogie, some cowbell and whole lot of energy. Before letting it all take a more gloomy, hazy and disorienting turn, with its fade out towards the radio broadcast about LSD. Which carries over into the second road burning Psychedelic Roadkill track. Which sounds like a theme song for the one-percenters, the perfect soundtrack to a morning run, running fast and loud on the early morning freeway, low in the saddle, jamming crazy through traffic and ninety miles an hour down the center stripe, missing by inches… And thinking that the acid might be on the verge of taking hold… Deer Lord, a three headed supercharged beast, that knows how to motor and knows how to freak! And the Witches Brew/Psychedelic Roadkill single is a testament to that fact!

(Written by JK)



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