woensdag 25 november 2020

Under - Training Resource #5


Under - Training Resource #5
APF Records – 2020 (November 13th)
Genre: Progressive, Sludge, Post-Hardcore
Rating *****

Stockport Noise-forgers Under return with a feral follow-up to last year's split 7" with KUROKUMA, this time crafting a four-track cacophonic din replete with Proggy tempo-twists, crushing Doom and Hardcore venom that really showcases the band's inventiveness and exploration. As with all corporate meetings, 'Introductions & Apologies' opens Training Resource #5 with no-nonsense intent on Business: convoluted rhythms and riffs intertwine with animalistic vocals leaving no-one in any doubt as to who's in the chair. 'Dope Loop' mangles the down-tuned entrails of a guitar with off-kilter percussion and a pace as slow and doomed as a poisoned sloth. 'Dividers In Hell' brings the Powerpoint presentation: a graphic, no-holds-barred assessment of Corporate Slavery delivered with acerbic bile and hate-fueled, spiky riffage. Closer 'My War' pummels its way into the meeting, throwing a hefty nail-bomb of hard riffs and hard attitude onto the table, scattering everyone in its wake. Under successfully manage to find an extraordinary balance of noises to further cement their reputation as one of the UK's finest explorative outfits. Four tracks is woefully inadequate... We want MORE!


(Written by Reek of STOOM)



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