donderdag 19 november 2020

Monje – Drug Dimenzija


Monje – Drug Dimenzija
Self released – 2020
Doom, Metal, Stoner
Rated: ****

The half hour that the Argentinian foursome Monje drag you along your hairs through their demented universe will turn you on for the rest of the day. Their second release entitled Drug Dimenzija is entirely doom based heaviness. The lurch kind of heavy, the slow drag towards your inevitable end kind of heavy, indeed, yes, the dead march. Amplified by the used of hallowed vocals, guttural screams and otherworldly screeches the album soon takes on this air of polluted veneration. Something wicked comes this way and you are pretty sure this is not just another bad trip. Gnarly guitar tones producing impure riffs and the drums reverb in the malleus like an echo chamber filled with howling specters. And then there’s that Diminsje interlude; capturing your mind completely and setting you up for the righteous fall into the dark and twisted abyss… Cause after this; the final two tracks become even blacker and evil. Man… Monje...

(Written by JK)

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Remember that first album? 

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