vrijdag 13 november 2020

Hombrehumano – Crepuscular


Hombrehumano – Crepuscular
South American Sludge Records / Interstellar Smoke Records – 2019 / 2020
Rock, Stoner, Hard, Fuzz, Psych, World
Rated: ****

It does always make me wonder for a moment or two why a certain album gets all the attention it deserves when it is released and why another has to go through the motions before it finally seems to pick up speed. Cause we must confess, we’ve listened to Hombrehumano’s Crepuscular when it was released in April 2019 but it did not manage to completely turn me on at that time; and apparently not that many others as well. Cause I did look around how much attention it received back then. But now, when Interstellar Smoke Records announces that it will release the vinyl version we went and revisited Crepuscular. And guess what, it is freaking amazing and has turned me inside out and upside down! With worldly influences and extravagant percussion the album soon takes on this mystical aura and lifts the eight tracks to a higher dimension. A dimension where anything is possible and there is this ever present feeling of excitement and blissful energy floating around. The warmth displayed throughout the tracks will embrace you and keep you safe as the world tumbles through the universe. The Hombrehumano outfit sounds incredibly tight, effervescent and with the exact amount of heavy it is perfectly balanced. Crepuscular on repeat!

(Written by JK)




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