zondag 15 november 2020

The Absurd – The Sun Still Rises


The Absurd – The Sun Still Rises
Bent Knee Records – 2020
Rock, Hard, Stoner, Garage
Rated: ****

At the beginning of 2018 that crazy American trio The Absurd completely captured my heart, soul and mind with that amazing Boots On The Ground single. After which all the single releases, the Build The Wall album and live releases were on heavy rotation over here. And now it is their new record The Sun Still Rises that once again completely enchants and makes you go wild. The Absurd of course once again come across as commentary to the current way of life in the USA but delivers way more in terms of intensity, diversity and raw, high octane rock ‘n roll! There are moments when Year Long Disaster comes to mind; mostly due to the vocals by Ben Foerg that often sounds as chased and wild as those by Daniel Davies. They are highly repetitive though and those repetitive vocal lines work wonders on most tracks. On a few though we feel they might have missed an opportunity to hit a home run. But those few vocalized misses don’t distract one bit from the infectious, catchy and wild music! Their garage flavored hardrock and trucking stoner groove, injected with some grungy moments and psychedelic touches is absurdly good and great! With grandiose gestures and overtones of choppy rhythms and proper punches The Sun Still Rises delivers the good stuff again and again. Time to press play as The Absurd say, and you will definitely have an amazing time!

(Written by JK)




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