donderdag 19 november 2020

Qilin – Petrichor


Qilin – Petrichor
Self released – 2020
Rock, Stoner, Desert, Doom, Psych, Instrumental
Rated: ****

We mentioned their Sun Strokes The Wall single a few weeks ago during one of those silly Quick Fire Friday rounds and have been listening to the rest of their debut album Petrichor ever since. As we already mentioned back then, the instrumental stoner and doom that these four crazies from Paris called Qilin deliver is just simply put: excellent! It’s in fact magnificent! The main line is definitely stoner; the vibe it rides on is mostly psychedelic and the pounding is sludgy, is doomy, is heavy like hammer! Let me tell you about the way the hammer moves! The hammer goes up and down! And hits the nail, on the head each time! That's the point! And that hammer seems to hit harder and harder as the album progresses. And with every one of those flashes comes poetry! Pure poetry that turns the wordless sounds into a golden tongue. The hammer goes up and down. And hits the nail, on the head each time. That's the point! This mechanism can successfully be adapted to almost everything; but in the way Qilin adepts that simple pull and push, that stomp and pound, that up and down, is pure magic! Legendary like a unicorn dragon!

(Written by JK)





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