donderdag 26 november 2020

Honeybone – Spheres


Honeybone – Spheres
Kozmik Artifactz – 2020
Rock, Hard, Psych, Garage, Stoner
Rated: *****

Lost for words. Mind blown. Just a few of the sentences whirling through my head as I finish my first session of Honeybone’s new album Spheres! (pause, for effect here.) A few characters I entered a week or two ago, after which I stopped typing and starting listening again. And the record has been on constant and heavy rotation over here. So I guess we should quickly order the vinyl before it’s sold out and finish this mention filled with a ton of love and admiration for Honeybone’s Spheres! The three originally from Dunedin, New Zealand but now residing in Melbourne, Australia have delivered one magical hammer strike to the gods. Hard rock fueled by that golden bluesy seventies sound, crunchy garage and psychedelic overtones all wrapped up into one neat captivating, enchanting and truly addictive package. Featuring drummer and vocalist, yes drummer and vocalist, Rachel Trainor, bass and backing vocalist Peter Jermakoff and guitarist/vocalist Drew Handcock the forty two minutes of Sphere start off dreamy, leisurely and full of harmony. But once Artificial Tears dries up and we enter the world of Bruises, we slowly but assuredly creep towards something much more explosive. After which this tidal push and pull of submerged subdued and explosive continues on and culminates in the majestic Metathesiophobia track. A righteous cathedral of a song that builds and builds and warps and distorts and will mesmerize every stoner rock loving body out there! No time to pause now, not even for effect, on to order both vinyl versions of this amazing Honeybone album!

(Written by JK)



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