donderdag 12 november 2020

Torito - Eterno Returno


Torito - Eterno Returno
Self released - September 2020
Psych, stoner, desert
Rated: ****

Eterno Returno is the second release of Argentina's Torito, and the foursome deliver engrossing, (mostly) instrumental tunes rife with character and groove. The group deal in the more psychedelic realms of stoner and desert rock, but are by no means limited by genre stereotypes. Opening cut "El perseguidor" barrels forth with a crunching aggro riff, twisting beneath added lead guitar squeals. Not content with just stoner brawn, an interlude of stuttering, eerie Eastern licks cuts in, adding atmosphere before finishing with filthy levels of distortion. The remaining three tracks are no less diverse, from the trippy, warbling touches of psych and desert of the title track to the snaking, southern-tinged riffage of closer "El abrazo de la serpiente". Topping it all off is "Indica", the album's lone track with vocals. The subdued, easy going  guitar and sense of melancholy bring to mind Radiohead, anchored by snappy drums firmly in the pocket. Far from poppy though, Torito sneak in pounding drums and gritty fuzz, followed by an epic and soaring solo to close out the track's mesmerizing six minutes. Eterno Returno is a shining example of the kind of audio playground that can be built with instrumental heavy. Relentlessly diverse and tight as can be, Torito have crafted absolutely captivating mix of psych, stoner, desert, and more.

(Written by Shasta Beast)






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