donderdag 27 februari 2020

Most worn band shirts of 2019

Most worn 'band shirts' of 2019 

Upon my return from the mountains the honorable Reek of STOOM showed me a picture of his battle jacket! Yes, the one shown above here. Well, of him and his jacket getting his party on with awesome bands like The Red Widows. Parson City, Cower, Hounds and Gevaudan! All studded and patched with his favorite band colors. Soon to be patched even more with those bands just mentioned! Which made me wonder why my battle jacket ever retired and what colors I usually wear... 

Well, here’s the Top 5 of most worn band shirt of 2019! 

What is or was your most worn band shirt? 

An Evening With Knives

The Good Hand


Rancho De La Luna


Doktor420's Most Worn Shirts

Doktor420's Most Worn Shirts

Doktor420 immediately jumped at the opportunity to show off his favorite shirts. “I guess my all time favorite shirt is that Mans Ruin one by Frank Kozik. I am used to buy a shirt after every gig I enjoyed. I do find that too many of the bands we love use skulls or something along those lines. Usually, those come out a bit too childish for my taste. The past year I wore the Elder and Karma To Burn shirt the most. A few of my beloved old shirts are unfortunately worn out, but i cannot throw ‘em away. I love them too much. Like my Neurosis and Baby Woodrose longsleeves. I guess they need to play in my vicinity soon again!”   

Karma To Burn


Stoner HiVe posts about Elder

Somali Yacht Club

Stoner HiVe posts about Somali Yacht Club

What is or was your most worn band shirt?

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  1. oh, is your trail shirt print also a bit out of center, like mine?

  2. Only very very very minor; it looks worse in the picture... ;)


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