woensdag 26 februari 2020

Stone In Egypt – Tectonic Electric

Stone In Egypt – Tectonic Electric
Off The Record – 2019
Rock, Stoner, Metal
Rated: ****

We mentioned Tjeerd de Jong’s other band Phantom Druid a few months ago, but that earthshaking newest release by Stone In Egypt has for some weird and probable insane reason not yet gone up. Tectonic Electric, as the new record is called, is the follow-up to that majestic EP Feed The Void from 2016. It was a much longed for return; cause the band had been laying low for about ten years. Started around 1997 the group has had a multitude of different members but the sound has always stayed in that same vein of heaviness. It’s very dark, earthy, under earthy even, submerged and full of great rumbling bass work. It’s stoner. It’s metal. It’s stoner metal with hints of doom and a splash of sludge. There are vocal parts here and there, but for the most part Tectonic Electric is raw, filthy and gritty ten ton heavy instrumental grooviness. The Stone In Egypt trio has delivered one massive follow-up to their welcomed return and it will surely continue to cause ripples; cause it’s effect is only now beginning to sink in…

(Written by JK)

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