woensdag 26 februari 2020

Hypnotic Floor - Foggy Bog Eyes

Hypnotic Floor - Foggy Bog Eyes
Self released – 2020
Psych, Blues
Rated: ****

Out of a strange, alluring wood emerges Vienna, Austria's Hypnotic Floor with their debut album Foggy Bog Eyes, a mesmerizing journey through bluesy psychedelia that sways between eerie otherness and comforting warmth. The record begins with an introduction of experimental noise that builds from carnival ride sounds and buzzes into an increasingly disorienting mass of noise, keeping you on the edge of your seat before dropping into the laidback vibes of "Static Wheel". Lazy echoing guitar combines with hazy vocals to create a relaxing drift until pierced by a fuzzed out assault, inducing a brief rush before settling back in to retrace the pattern. The rest of the album plays out in similar fashion with a mix of mellow psych and heavy blues riffing, especially apparent in longest cut "Fall" in its eleven plus minutes of upbeat noodling and vocals a- la King Gizzard, punctuated with the occasional blazing solo. Standout track "Oakman" then ups the creep factor with summonings from the mysterious titular figure, tempting you further into the trees with slow, meandering southern licks that lead to a menacing finale. Final track "Woods" concludes the adventure by taking a different path through the green, finding refuge in crunching blues and shuffling drums amid winding guitar theatrics. Foggy Bog Eyes is a thrilling trip through otherworldly psychedelia that manages to both soothe and surprise over an underlying hint of danger, making Hypnotic Floor's first outing one that's hard to shake long after the final track takes its bow.

(Written by Kyle/Shastabeast)

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