donderdag 6 februari 2020

The Hypnagogics - Endless Nights

The Hypnagogics - Endless Nights
Majestic Mountain Records - March 2020
Heavy Psych, Dark, Seventies, Blues
Rated: ****

The upcoming debut album from heavy psych Swedish rockers The Hypnagogics, Endless Nights is a fully realized effort full of mood and groove. Mixing fiery 70s metal riffs with standout deep, haunting vocals, The Hypnagogics deliver an impressive slab of eerie and infectious psych. Opener "Darkest Night" is simultaneously upbeat and melancholy, the tight rhythm section and full vocals leading into spacey guitar freakouts that inject a hectic energy into the steady roll. Vintage 70s hard rock then rears its head in "Run" with chunky riffs and fiery licks, while "Eyes Without A Face" brings goth vibes into the mix with spine-tingling distortion and lyrics straight from a horror movie. Through all the genre twists and turns, a constant and unique thread of sound and mood is recognizable as The Hypnagogics' own, and culminates in standout cut "No Sleep". The penultimate track is built around a riff that can only be described as graveyard boogie, which winds between beautiful belted vocals and dives into a bluesy solo halfway through. With Endless Nights The Hypnagogics have immediately established a signature sound that's both creepy and irrestible, a dangerous combination that makes for a gripping debut start to finish.

(Written by Kyle / Shastabeast)

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