vrijdag 7 februari 2020

Off to ride an avalanche…

Off to ride an avalanche…

Due to a massive snow dump in a part of the Alps, it could not be helped! We’re off to ride an avalanche or two… It’s addictive that white powder; and we’re not talking about that stuff you spread out over a mirror or cd case or whatever flat surface you can find. No no no, we need the steep surfaces! The ones that will not only fake you into going fast, but actually will make you go boom! Not sure about the soundtrack for the road though? Or the inevitable ride or two with headphones… Vessel’s new Vagabond Blues album for sure. The Fuzzriders EP definitely. Major Kong’s Off The Scale album for sure! Elden, Desert Colossus, Yuri Gagarin, She Love Pablo and Serpent Cobra. Shit, we are pretty sure about the soundtrack! 

Boom! Seeya’ll in a week!

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