dinsdag 25 februari 2020

The Hypnagogics – Eyes Without A Face

The Hypnagogics – Eyes Without A Face

The good ol’ boys at Majestic Mountain Records asked us if we wanted to premier another single after dropping that awesome Vessel track The Tempest Void. “We’ve got this groovy riff-laden up-tempo song called Eyes Without A Face, all spiced up with Lina’s strong vocals and dark Lyrics, ready to go!” You mean from that’s damn good new The Hypnagogics album Endless Nights? Hell yes! We’d love to premier that one! Our very own Shastabeast already professed his love for that album on February 6 when he wrote: “a signature sound that's both creepy and irresistible, a dangerous combination that makes for a gripping debut start to finish.” And about that Eyes Without A Face track that is going live right here and right now: “Eyes Without A Face, brings goth vibes into the mix with spine-tingling distortion and lyrics straight from a horror movie.” Hell yes!

So check out Eyes Without A Face here and get ready for the new The Hypnagogics album Endless Nights which drops on March 20th! And while you’re at it, check out the rest of the words Shastabeast wrote about Endless Nights

Tracklisting for Endless Nights:

Darkest Night
First Light
Eyes Without A Face
Heavy Mind
No Sleep

The Hypnagogics
Lina Paasijoki: Vocals
Henrik Edqvist: Guitar
Frida Johannesson: Guitar
Oskar Jönsson: Bass
Victor Granqvist: Drums

Recorded by Henrik Edqvist
Mixed by George Arvidsson
Mastered by Wincent Ek at Chicken Creek Production
Cover artwork by Hypnotist Design

Endless Nights’ vinyl will go on pre-order February 29th at

The Hypnagogics



Majestic Mountain Records

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