woensdag 19 februari 2020

Kanaan - Odense Sessions

Kanaan - Odense Sessions
El Paraiso Records – 2020
Stoner, Psychedelic, Space Rock
Rated: ****

Kanaan's 2018 offering, "Windborne" showcased the Norwegian band's firm grasp on the handle of Psychedelic Space Rock, traversing the astral dimensions of Mythic Sunship and Øresund Space Collective. Two years on and their latest treat, Odense Sessions, follows on in similar fashion: 4 extended tracks of stellar exploration with a fluid, organic feel throughout. Indeed there's a looseness here; the drawn-out cosmic cartography of 'Seemingly Changeless Stars" flows with an elastic symbiosis of improvised groove born from the freedom of the jam. The comparisons with the Danish outfits are still recognizable, but Kanaan have created a distinguishing, aerated sound that explores as much of empty space as it does the brimming cosmos and a mellower, less frenetic cadence than their counterparts. Second track 'Of Raging Billows Breaking on the Ground' is a perfect example of invention with restraint - slowly building tones and rhythms into a tour-de-force that brings Elder's later works to mind. 'Vacant Spaces' follows a more languid topography, subdued shimmers of guitar picking through soma - induced vibrations and almost telepathic interplay between the instruments. Finishing the cosmic tour, 'Urgent Excursions to the Tundrasphere' has a quiet, echo-fueled beginning, transforming through pace and pulsing bass runs into a full-blown rocket-burn of soaring guitars and heavy percussion. Kanaan have delivered their own inimitable brand of Space Rock, one that bears all the hallmarks of quality in quantum entanglement...one to lose yourself in time and again.

(Written by Reek of STOOM)

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