donderdag 31 maart 2011

Brandband – Alice, Bob and Blackhole

Brandband – Alice Bob and Blackhole

Self released – 2011


Waardering: ****

The Russian trio that have been making name for themselves under the moniker Brandband have just released their second album called Alice, Bob and Blackhole and was founded in the year of our lord 2006. Though the roots of this endeavor were sown in the middle of the nineties by two of the members who would eventually start Brandband in honor of their nightly jamming. They were already brothers in arms in a completely different band and when that group collapsed the guitarplayer decided to explore the blues direction and the drummer that of the metal. And now completed with a bassplayer the gentlemen are delivering some grade A mainly instrumental seventies hardrock with stoner influences. With less space for vocals, less blues and less driving then their first record Brandband from 2008; but not with less quality and with more psychedelics and with a free spirit akin to the one that was floating around in those magical times we call the seventies. Great freakin music for this early blooming spring!

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