donderdag 10 maart 2011

Slaves of Freedom – The Last Stages

Slaves of Freedom – The Last Stages
Self released – 2003
Waardering: ***

They were with five; the men of the American Slaves of Freedom. The band that evolved out of the practice-local when they were still called Premonition. Of course all of this would later on lead to bands like The Big Frank, Lagerhead and Mutehound. So you could state that the songs on their in 2003 released album The Last Stages are the first small babysteps. Assuming the baby came crawling out of some dark recess of hell; with a diaper full of filthy idiots, dumb doomed ones and humorless fools. The guys chase ten fast songs with a lot of feeling through yer head; songs that are often brought to you from the very edge of the intestinal tube. But also as a visceral cry for justice; a guttural war cry or a beast howling in the night. The guitar-lines variate just as much between mighty riffs and lazy grooves as the vocals do and the drums plaster every crevice with precision. Yes; sturdy stuff this Slaves of Freedom album.

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  1. Indeed, click my name to hear this pretty good Slaves of Freedom album. Although it is not as good as Carnaval!! :)

  2. If you like Slaves of Freedom, a couple of the members started a band called "Big Frank" which is every bit as awesome.

    Highly recommend. They members have other projects too but I haven't heard them yet.


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