vrijdag 4 maart 2011

Carnaval – 1

Carnaval – 1
Self released – 2010
Waardering: ****

When the honorable gentlemen of Slovenian Pinocchio Pinchball decided to change the name into Carnaval they never stopped to think about the fact that the google-abillity of the name might suffer. A distinctive album title might help in that area; that must be the reason they decided to call their first album: 1. You silly bunch of muppets! This also shines through in a lot of other incredible actions attributed to a few or more members of the band. Like refusing to settle up for the in 2006-recorded album; and henceforth releasing it in 2010. Storming into the offices of the Slovenian music organization responsible for music rights and causing a lot of ruckus and trouble. Great stuff from a great band! But it’s not just great silliness and weirdness with these guys; they’re also fantastic musicians. Maybe they loose control here and there on their first album and miss an opportunity or two. But on their second album, logically titled: 2 all this was straightened out. Pure pleasure by these Baraka rockers!

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  1. This is indeed one amazing Slovenian band! Let's all head over to that Baraka Fest they have in the summer!

  2. For Mr. Stump...

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