maandag 28 maart 2011

Back from the Wilderness

Back from the Wilderness

Well, and yes have a nice day. I have finally returned from the Wilderness, where I was chased and tormented by huge radioactive Tanchō’s, Dugongs and Pika’s imported from Japan for almost the entire week. When I finally escaped they threw me in a Sanitation Chamber with a truckload of people I could not recognize or communicate with, so I went all to pieces and now I cannot even remember anything or anybody or even who I was. Anyway; that’s why the blog went silent for a week. I could not be reached except by the animals; and they hated me. I never knew why. There was no explanation for it. So what? Who needs reasons for a thing like that? Escape is all that matters – except for the horrible scars, but that is a different question. Today we must deal with The Blog; which require some attention now. Okay. That’s about it, for now. We can wrap this thing up very quickly and get on with the show. Indeed and all that stuff. I will go out in the yard and kill a few mice – and if I fail; the mice will murder me.

Some things never change…

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