vrijdag 4 maart 2011

Pinocchio Pinchball – Knez Atula Demo

Pinocchio Pinchball – Knez Atula Demo
Self released – 2004
Waardering: ****

The Slovenian amigos of Pinocchio Pinchball have been waging war against the musical climate in their home country and against the record companies who refuse to listen for quite some time now. They themselves organize the amazing generator-festival Baraka Fest just outside Ljubljana and are responsible for a few other underground releases of bands from their region. The three of them released their first demo called Knez Atula in 2004 before recruiting a fourth man in 2006 and renaming their band into Carnaval. The demo shows the guys have been deep into Kyuss for inspiration and tried to make their own Slovenian blend of it. It’s atavistic stoner straight from the Slovenian wasteland. True rock in every sense of the word. A delicious blend of heavy rock and dusty riffing!

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