maandag 14 maart 2011

Louder Than You – Louder Than You

Louder Than You – Louder Than You
Self released – 2004
Waardering: ****

Founded in the twisted year of 2000 in a dusty little village besides the capital Ljubljana the band was named Pussyfinger and started touring their homecountry Slovenia immediately. Hanging out and jamming in the same worn down railroad ‘Baraka’ shed as the guys from Pinocchio Pinchball aka Carnaval; they soon became friends and after changing their name to Louder Than You decided to tour and record together. And this is audible cause both bands show definite promise and aptitude for what bowing to the almighty riff means. The way the song Born In The River hits you from the get go is pure testament to that fact. Bringing you sweet stoner music resembling that of Kyuss, Orange Goblin and Karma To Burn. And twisting this with some punk soul and breaks that reminds of Therapy? in their best form. Let’s hope these guys get on a bus together with Carnaval and tour Europe like some New Era Merry Pranksters!

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  1. Incredible four song EP! Slovenia; wild and untamed musical territory so it seems!


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