maandag 4 april 2011

Night Ranger – Somewhere in California

Night Ranger – Somewhere in California
Rough Trade / Frontiers – 2011
Waardering: ***

The American born Night Ranger has never really been able to get a decent amount of followers in Europe and in their homeland it never got as big as bands like Bon Jovi. Even though they have had a few big hits. But when it comes to quality songwriting the band has little equals when looked at the category the band comes out in: melodic hardrock. After five records in the eighties a few members tried their luck in different bands and Night Ranger continued as a trio. Fortunately for us founding member, singer and bassplayer Jack Blades reconsidered in 1996 and only a little while later the band was complete again and together they battled through the late nineties. But eventually only the three founding members remained and with two new hired guns they entered the studio to record their tenth studio album in thirty years called Somewhere in California. With not much news under the sun we are treated to all the trusted Night Ranger ingredients. Snappy melodies, crispy riffs, sun-bleached choruses and spiraling solo’s. A pleasant return to the tried and true Night Ranger sound. And now; get in yer car and head out together with the sun and drive off, into the past…

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