zaterdag 10 april 2021

Zac Crye – All The Same


Zac Crye – All The Same
Jamspace Records – 2021
Rock, Desert, Stoner, Psych, Grunge
Rated: ***

The man behind this one man band project is Zac Crye and that’s how he logically named his project. Not everyone might immediately recognize his name; but he has already earned his spurs with bands like Stronger Than All and Hudu Akil. This new solo release is called All The Same and entails five tracks. Five tracks that move through the desert and stoner rock landscape and often has this distinct Palm Desert vibe to them. With some psychedelic accents, a definite show of love for the seventies era and a grunge attitude, all of the tracks will definitely move the desert rock loving freak inside of you. But it is without any doubt closing track The Road with an old mindfulness, meditation guru doing his weird spoken word magic, that will make you fall in love with this EP. What a track; it will definitely put you in a different state of mind! Zac Crye, now we know!  

(Written by JK)



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