dinsdag 13 april 2021

Draken - Draken



Draken - Draken
Majestic Mountain Records - March 2021
Stoner, heavy metal, progressive, psych
Rated: *****

Oslo, Norway has gifted the heavy underground with an absolute riff machine in Draken and the trio's self-titled debut. Filled to the brim with full speed, razor sharp grooves and fiery fretwork, the seven tracks are a progressive fusion of stoner, psych, and classic heavy metal. One constant throughout is an urgent and tireless energy that pushes forward with riff after riff and rolling drums, bursting forth in the gallop of opener "Realm of Silence" and rarely letting up. The bass is a chunky, rock solid backbone of groove, and the earnest vocals have a punk edge to them that blends perfectly with the band's frenetic drive. Standout "Way Down Low" delivers one of many memorable riffs, a rollicking, winding lick that leads to a gloriously fuzzed solo with epic vibes nearing power metal levels. The Red Fang is strong with follow-up "Grand General", lashing out with harsh, crunchy jabs and a killer bass groove. Something of a breather is finally given in the earworm "(We Walk In) Circles", as the somber and subdued vocals build up atmosphere with haunting keys. The track soon plunges into grating guitar, spiraling down and eventually back to the eerie, patient vibes of before. Every cut on Draken's debut is a gold mine of razor-sharp riffing and airtight drums, and the trio display a passion for the fist-pumping tradition of heavy metal while pushing forward progressive and straight-up addictive guitarwork.

(Written by Shastabeast)




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