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Nest – Crystallized



Nest – Crystallized
Self-released - April 16th 2021
Doom, Sludge
Rated: ****

Kentucky Doom Duo NEST unleash two leviathan, sprawling tomes of crippling doom on their debut release "Crystallized". Track one, "Mind Overcomes All" crawls in on stuttering, primitive beats, atmospheric dread growing by the second until the lethargic riff heaves into action, building the tension whilst sinister synths lurk ever-present in the mire, shuddering to a halt in fuzzed-out, booming power chords. "Death Comes For Us All" opens in gentle fans of sweeping synths and quiet guitar meltings until the filth kicks in: Industrial beats  underpin scabrous guitar snarls and smoldering atmospherics. Inhuman shrieks pepper the dismal gloom and then the massive wall of bass-heavy riffage kicks in to quaking effect. Inventive, deliciously twisted and attention-grabbing, "Crystallized" is 33 minutes of pure, punishing Doom.

(Written by Reek of STOOM)



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