woensdag 7 april 2021

Guitars On Drugs – Fractured Thoughts



Guitars On Drugs – Fractured Thoughts
Self released – 2021
Rock, Punk, Stoner, Doom
Rated: ***

It’s a new release by the Madman! Yes, Tony Madman Maim’s, musical moniker as of 2020 is titled: Guitars On Drugs. Under that name the one man Madman operation has already released five recordings in 2020 and the first one of 2021 is called Fractured Thoughts. “Heavy guitars and riffs, pounding drums, snippets of movie clips, solos with fuzz turned up to 10 - all this matches the voices in my head that tell me nothing makes sense anymore!” Since the Madman has been fighting in the frontlines of the Covid pandemic and lives in the UK we can only agree to that statement; he knows the deal and knows how bad it got and still is on many levels. But even though the world around him seems to make less sense by the minute; his music does not. Perfectly synchronized, the drums, riffs, howling guitars and movie snippets tell you a moving requiem to a mind lost long ago. But don’t get that statement wrong; cause what takes center stage is without any doubt the pummeling drums, that perfect sounding copper in closing track Acid Shock and ofcourse the freakout guitars. Yes, those Guitars On Drugs!

(Written by JK)


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