donderdag 22 oktober 2020

The Patients – I Am Your Muse


The Patients – I Am Your Muse
Self released – 2019
Rock, Psych, Stoner, Punk, Pop, Prog, Indie, Alternative
Rated: ****

There’s something incredibly sunny and upbeat about the full-sized debut album I Am Your Muse by Los Angeles trio The Patients. It’s the right amount of buoyancy in fact, the amount that everyone could use right about now. Indeed, there’s this indefatigable talismanic presence lurking on the record. One that might be the righteous guide through the pandemic. It feels like the tracks were born out of ambulatory jams that brought into focus the enormous pop sensible feelers the three have when circling around the prog, punk and psychedelic vein. The sound remains ragged, rough-hewn and ramshackle, yet always with a sort of indie sophistication that certain grunge bands used to have. Bone rattling chords, spirited rhythm defiance and a knack for bruising any unintentional channeling of alt.rock bands from the nineties. In fact one could claim their mould-breaking and chirpy adagio is their most effective injection into your heart. Especially if they leave their sound so frayed at the edges. I Am Your Muse is by no means a perfect record; but it is definitely perfect for this weird moment in time. So yes, it only feels right that The Patients should get a second opinion…

(Written by JK)




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