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Molassess – Through The Hollow


Molassess – Through The Hollow
Season of Mist – 2020
Rock, Psych
Rated: ****

After the passing of Selim Lemouchi and thus the demise of The Devil’s Blood it was a long and painful wait to see if Selim’s sister Farida and her very characteristic voice would return to the stage. Without a doubt she was one of the keys to their magical sound. The end of The Devil’s Blood has paradoxically also brought us so much good and we could name so many amazing bands and albums that originated from those members. But we’re not here to do just that but to talk about THE new formation featuring four members of The Devil’s Blood and Rrrags, Astrosoniq, Atlanta, Birth Of Joy, Death Alley, and Donnerwetter... Well, Selim had another formation called Selim Lemouchi and His Enemies and from the album Earth Air Spirit Water Fire comes the final track Molassess. And that’s now the name of this new formation and Through The Hollow is their debut record. A psychedelic spiderweb of rock that would definitely get a nod from Selim himself. We still hear those wonderful sounds from the seventies, the doom and space side of the seventies, the prog approach and the thirst to combine everything into one huge heavy cauldron. But there is definitely less darkness and less occultism in comparison to The Devil’s Blood. And that is a good thing, cause Molassess moves forward, paying tribute to the dark melancholy and to twisted dreams layered with hidden meaning, but always with an eye on the horizon. Formed for Roadburn festival in 2019, it was the start for the slow but determined crawl to Get Out From Under and see the light. Through The Hollow is without any question just that and it’s damn impressive…

(Written by JK)




Season of Mist

Van Records

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