vrijdag 16 oktober 2020

Peculiar Three – Leap of Faith


Peculiar Three – Leap of Faith
Self released – 2020
Rock, Metal, Prog
Rated: ***

There aren’t that many band names that are chosen as well as Peculiar Three. For the three amigo’s from Greece that go by this name definitely have a peculiar sound. Their debut full-sized album Leap Of Faith has eight tracks filled with that peculiar sound. Peculiar mostly due to the different influences they implement and the different array of vocals. They double them, with grunts, with ghostly hallowed voices, with clean vocals that aren’t completely on key and with vocals that become this weird earworm. Even power metal sing-a-long choruses make an appearance. The sound as it stands, will almost be impossible to translate to the stage as a threesome. We hear damn good keys, a riveting bass, wild guitars, and technical drums and we hear it done with symphonic and prog metal in mind. But they state themselves it is, at this moment in time, a studio project. Which unfortunately leads us to conclude that the mix could use a little touch-up. The excellent drums for instance aren’t that well pronounced; the guitars sound a bit subdued as well. But the compositions are damn good, so good in fact that you often must suppress a feeling of disappointment, that the sound doesn’t completely do justice to the songs. And that’s how you wander through the first seven tracks, before coming to closing bonus song Caliban’s End. A symphonic, orchestral, classical piece that brings all kinds of grand movies to mind, and will have you fall in love with these three unusual characters. To end their debut metal album with this track might have lead to the album title Leap Of Faith. A great conclusion to a peculiar debut!

(Written by JK)




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