donderdag 8 oktober 2020

Space Burial - Mudtrout


Space Burial - Mudtrout
Self released - September 2020
Psych, space, blues, stoner
Rated: ****

Dubuque, Iowa's psych rock outfit Space Burial return for their third album Mudtrout, and keep things fresh as ever as they experiment further with their sound. Where their sophomore effort "Celestial Seed" leaned more towards the space and doom ends of the spectrum, Mudtrout brings a bluesy lightness that meshes perfectly with a potent sense of melancholy. The opening title track is the exception, dealing out rollicking, southern fried distortion and driving riffs. Aptly titled follow-up "Procession" then hits all the harder as the vibes quickly turn mournful, with delicate guitar tip-toeing between the thrumming bass's rolling groove. The low end is satisfyingly high in the mix, a constant across the album, and is soon joined by a gritty layer of distortion and a bouncing, earworm riff. Guitar and drums urgently swell to a cathartic finale, making for a 9 minute-plus epic of a track. The following tracks build on the underlying sadness at play while shifting styles between reggae, blues, and more, with even a protest song in "Emperor's New Clothes". High, laid-back vocals stroll throughout and take the spotlight in closer "Honey", a gentle ballad with shuffling drums and somber guitar. Space Burial push ever forward in their creative evolution, and Mudtrout is an emotional and very welcome surprise in their growing catalogue.

(Written by Shasta Beast)



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