zaterdag 10 oktober 2020

MXRCXL – All About Tomorrow

MXRCXL – All About Tomorrow
Self released – 2020
Rock, Grunge, Stoner, Alternative
Rated: ****

The man behind this, now four-piece, project is still the honorable Marcel Janssen, but MXRCXL sounds like so much more now, like a tight and centuries old outfit. Perhaps thanks to the mix of  Seattle-professor Matt Bayles (Soundgarden, Deftones) or because all his old ideas were thrown away when Marcel suffered a tragedy in the family and he decided to start over. This time with all the members present in the studio, the songs quickly moved into the territory  of darkness, depression, despair and do most of it all wonderfully aggressive. There are moments of subdued beauty, moments of light and air, little pixie piano moments that seem to float away with the aggressiveness towards a sky filled with hope and love. It’s grunge, but a noisy, newer form of grunge. Grunge avant la lettre. It's All About Tomorrow, as the new album is called, shows us a band that has completely grown into their own. They still retain a tiny industrial edge which definitely sets it apart form other grunge albums. The same can be said for their use of breaks and rhythm changes, which gives it this rich feeling and even some old metal atmospheres. Yes, it’s MXRCXL, it’s All About Tomorrow and it’s so much more!

(Written by JK)




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