donderdag 29 oktober 2020

Honeybadger – Pleasure Delayer



Honeybadger – Pleasure Delayer
Made Of Stone Recordings – 2020
Rock, Fuzz, Desert, Stoner, Grunge
Rated: ****

They hail from the outskirts of ancient Athens, Greece. The four that became Honeybadger. Releasing their first EP in 2017 they have now delivered a tight rocking fuzzed out heavy album called Pleasure Delayer. Eight tracks that will serve as highly intoxicating mead for your spirt, your soul and your heart. For their skill and command of the heavy sound brings out the best of catchy and almost pop sensible hooks. There is this ever present feeling that the four will be able to deliver even more in their hopefully very long career. Cause our tastebuds are teased with loads of grunge and stoner but there also sips of psych and even the seventies approach to classic hard rock.  Another part of their very own craft is their ability to use the air and room between the instrumentation to their absolute advantage. Making every moment feel wide in gesture and yet compact through the use of fuzz and the tight riffing bass. And then there's that drive, that drive that bands like Greenleaf also possess, just check out the closing track Truth In Lie.. Man, that drive!  Once tasted you will become addicted to the honey this beast delivers! Cause yours truly has been listening since September, and since September more and more… I tried to keep things casual; but the breaking point was reached way to fast and now I’m over my head into Honeybadger! Delaying pleasure is not for me; but Pleasure Delayer is!

(Written by JK)






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