zaterdag 16 september 2023

Van Groover – Back From The Shop



Van Groover – Back From The Shop
Self released – 2023
Stoner, Hardrock
Rated: ****

It’s been out for a week now, but we’ve been lucky to been grooving to the new Van Groover for quite a while now. It’s called Back From The Shop and implores some Clutch influences, (how fitting) to get their trucking stoner rock going. Less metallic perhaps than their earlier Honk If Parts Fall Off, this five-track EP seems to serve as the perfect reminder that there’s this German trio out there that knows how to give you the right kind of energy. A sludgy tone setting gives it all this highly greasy atmosphere. And the intro skit sets the launch up for a definite afterburning start. Cause that’s what opener Double Wide gives you. The vocalist starts the engine, orates all the checks and lights and the guitars begin to wail, you hear the engine roar, then the three put the peddle to the metal and they’re off, cruising hardcore. Following The Bandit was released as a single a month ago, even dustier stoner rocking ensues from the get-go. But a different kind than the dust of sand, this is concrete powder, for the generator parties that must surely be held on those forlorn and deserted industrial zones of Herborn, Germany. Kyuss from the ghetto! A-38 follows and brings you from Göttingen to Leipzig, but slowing down on the highway feels like a dangerous thing, so the vocals turn more aggressive fast enough, and the sounds of the van into something tank-like! Closing track, The Grizz, which gives you some extra heavy chugging, the kind you can use to keep you awake as the sun sets and you are nowhere near your destination. Although the middle part, with the almost spoken vocals is a bit disturbing and dark. Which in part turns their stonerrock a shade of doom and the guitar flurry towards the end is a welcome touch of light. Glad to have the Van back… And their humor is back from the shop too! Go watch their highly commercial promo videos to get the word out about their band and their damn fine new EP: Back From The Shop!

(Written by JK)





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