vrijdag 10 maart 2023

Santo Rostro - Después No Habrá Nada



Santo Rostro - Después No Habrá Nada
Discos Macarras Records / LaRubiaProducciones / Spinda Records – 2023
Stoner, Sludge, Prog, Rock, Doom
Rated: *****

Today is the day! We were honored to premiere the opening track of this album back in February, but we were even more excited for the entire album. For the full Después No Habrá Nada album by the Santo Rostro three has been spinning ever since, for after hearing it, there could be nothing more after it… Sorry, had to make a weak pun about the translation of the album title. But it does have a lot of merit, and we shall in fact end this little write-up with it as well, for even though that sensational opening track Telarañas and following Carcasa Digital, who complement each other, will undoubtedly wow every part of your being with its psychedelic doom of the highest order and the lowest tones, the progressive sludge and the wild, whirl winding atmospheres. Third track Aire, truly winds its progressive, sludgy maelstrom sound all around you and when that middle eastern motif hits, you will lift off, you will fly, you will soar, you will see things that are below, behind and beyond. Mystical and almost transcendental, the almost six minutes of Aire will put you in a different state of mind, culminating in what feels like a supernatural merry go round gone berserk. It’s the perfect example of the nature of their psychedelic rock, a continuously spinning, almost polymorphing every sound into one another. Indeed, the three from Jaén, Spain are doing magic. Whether it’s the synth lines, careening with the guitars or the drums, prog jazz dancing towards a heavy explosion, before opening up and turning into a slow spacey doom hike on fourth track Matriz. In fact, that final part of that fourth track is the first part where the dervish circle dance slows down and the frenzy becomes this ecstatic sluggish salsa. Twelve-minute-long closing cathedral and title track Después No Habrá Nada brings you back to the center of your ecstasy, that centrifuge of meditation, to your reborn, reformation of self, where you will do away with personal desires, ego’s and worship nothing but Santo Rostro. Or heavy rock. Or psychedelic rock. Or love. But as you know, ‘All loves are a bridge to Divine love’, to the face of love, to Santo Rostro. And that is where you are at, in the middle of that closing track, dead center, as the guitar is barking, howling, dancing around you, taking it all to a devotional sole acoustic guitar, setting things up for a highly prog lead out, build up, that takes what they did with rhythms now to new sonically full heights, taking all that earthy and dizzying dance into a cosmic flight among… Everything… And once you’ve seen everything… There can be nothing more after…

(Written by JK)




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