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Warcoe – A Place For Demons



Warcoe – A Place For Demons
Regain records / Helter Skelter Productions / Morbid And Miserable Records – 2023
Rock, Metal, Classic, Doom, Stoner
Rated: ****

We mentioned the title track and second single of their new album back in August and could not wait to hear the full A Place For Demons album. Cause Italian trio Warcoe knows where the good mustard was stored and expertly uses the knife to spread out all that heavy metal, classic doom with stoner touches across eight fine tracks. Fuller and dense the first two tracks on the album are the two single you might have already heard and offer that sweet and hazy classic metal, which will strike a chord for all Sabbath lovers and implores that finger licking little occult sweet spot. What follows is Rune Dweller, which offers a scrumptious acoustic interlude, which in turn sets things up for a great transition into fourth track Leaves. A centralized riff around which the track revolves and whirls, in such a way that it delves up all that traditional metal, without ever sounding like anything that came before. Proto doom served up in such a classic way, that the somewhat subdued solo work later on will still make every metal head soar, and when that riff returns, heads will bang and beers will be chugged. Grand master stuff and following track Ishkur goes forth in a similar fashion. A bit more thunderous, gritty and dense, the track does open up thanks to the vocals. And it will surely do the same kind of proto wonder that Leaves did. Two more in the same vein follow before we come to closing, battleship eight track Buio. A first for the Warcoe three, cause before this they’ve always condensed their songs to four to five minutes. But Buio does not suffer from needless continuation, repetition or anything tedious. No, the tempo slows down to a doom trod, the build up is slow, strenuous and with a determination bordering on obsessiveness. In fact, this heads steadily into Sleep territory, but without any vocals and very little guitar freak outs. It’s actually the drums that are allowed to go wild and end up delivering a restrained pay-off before the fade out towards a different kind of finale. A finale that seems to chime off into the future, a different place, for demons, where more Warcoe will be galloping around…

(Written by JK)




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