woensdag 15 november 2023

Wodorost – From The Depths



Wodorost – From The Depths
Self-released – 2023
Rock, Post, Metal, Progressive, Stoner, Psych, Doom
Rated: ****

Polish trio Wodorost delivers an almost entirely instrumental post rocking, progressive metal album called From The Depths. And album that shines with enigmatic bursts of sunlight, while diving for dark stoner rock and doom treasure on the bottom of the fathomless heavy ocean. And it is in that contrast between dark and light, heavy and gentle, pressurized and sensitive that Wodorost manages to really carve out their sound. The soundscapes they create have heads and tails, and whenever they feel they are done slowly building the layers they need to let the guitars go off the rails, the bass becomes even more pronounced and on track. The complex percussion always steadying the madness, which feels fitting for the album is, ‘a concept work symbolizing a resurfacing from the abyss, a metaphorical journey through inner exploration and recovery from depression.’ And that it is a work of art that lets your travel inwards as much as outwards, is obvious whenever they touch upon a more meditative approach, whenever they let the sounds drift and spin slowly around its axis. Wodorost have delivered an outstanding album, and you will immediately recognize it as such, for in the way the one-and-a-half-minute long intro track Submerged turns into the following song called Depths, is perfectly done. It’s one of the tracks that features vocals, and they too lie so beautifully in the mix, the rumbling bass beneath, the drums slowly opening up and turning wilder as the gritty and fuzzy guitar whirls around, all of it, simply put stunning. From The Depths lets you wander, go astray, lose oneself in the deep of the compositions and whenever you find yourself back on track, it will make you gasp for air and send shivers down your spine…

(Written by JK)




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