zaterdag 14 mei 2022

Carson – The Wilful Pursuit Of Ignorance



Carson – The Wilful Pursuit Of Ignorance
Sixteentimes Music – 2022
Rock, Stoner, Sludge, Grunge
Rated: *****

There were so many great expected releases that arrived in April. Such an unbelievable amount of awesome heavy rock. Stöner, Ufomammut, Greenbeard, Steak, Alunah, Somali Yacht Club, Helms Alee, Ealdor Bealu, Geezer and we could actually keep this list going for quite some time. Insanity! But Carson came out of nowhere for me; even though somewhere in those dark recesses of the mind their 2017 release Drown The Witness still lingered. But what a grand surprise this new album is! And logically it entered high on the April Doom Charts! Just check out opener Dirty Dream Maker; and its massive mother sludge approach to stoner rock and you will know what we mean. It was also an eye opener to all that great music that their label Sixteentimes Music release and al lot of other Swiss bands doing great things. But for now, we will stick to trying to come to grips with The Wilful Pursuit Of Ignorance. For the trio that hails from both New Zealand and Switzerland have delivered eight wild tracks that beg to be devoured over and over again. Whether it’s the vocals that draw you in, the pop sensible melodies or that hefty sludgy edge, Carson brings it all in absolute golden form! Indeed, we’ve got a new very favorite band!

(Written by JK)





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